Trimble Catalyst

Trimble Catalyst

Catalyst transforms Trimble's core GNSS technology into a subscription-based software service for your mobile device. Now you can plug the Catalyst DA1 Antenna into your Android phone or tablet's USB port, download Catalyst enabled apps (purchased separately), and get the accuracy you need, when you need it.

Trimble offers various subscriptions to the Trimble Catalyst GNSS Receiver based on the level of accuracy you need.
Pricing and availability varies by region. Contact your distributor for details.

1 Metermonthly
Meter Accuracy
in optimal conditions
coverage area
30cm-75cm Accuracy
in optimal conditions
coverage area
10cm Accuracy
in optimal conditions
coverage area
1cm-2cm Accuracy
in optimal conditions
coverage area

Turn your mobile device into a customized collection tool with Catalyst-enabled apps. Catalyst integrates with Trimble apps and compatible 3rd party apps. Contact your Distributor to learn more or purchase. Or, develop your own via the Catalyst Partner Program.

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The Trimble Catalyst GNSS antenna and a selection of accessories can be purchased through your local Trimble Distributor.

Catalyst DA1 Antenna

The Catalyst DA1 antenna is used to provide high quality GNSS data to your phone or tablet. The antenna simply attaches to your Android device via USB cable, which is also used to deliver power to or from the antenna. The antenna is designed to simply be push-fitted to a 1.25" diameter pole, and also come with a removable adapter for using the antenna with standard mapping and surveying accessories. The DA1 antenna ships with the following standard items.

Trimble Catalyst DA1 Antenna
(with microUSB data cable and push-fit adapter)

Battery Pack
External rechargeable USB battery pack

Pole Mount
Battery pack pole mount for 1.25" diameter poles

Carry Pouch
Trimble branded canvas antenna carry pouch

If your Android device uses the new USB Type C form factor, you will need a third-party USB microB to USB type C converter to use Catalyst. To fully support Catalyst, your USB converter cable supports the USB OTG standard. Trimble recommends the Huawei AP52.

Replacements, spares and optional accessories

Other Trimble accessories as listed below can also be purchased individually as spares, replacements, or as optional extras to meet the needs of your application.

PN 109218Fabric carry pouch

PN 103635-00External USB battery pack (3350 mAh)

PN 110961-12Replacement USB cable for Catalyst DA1 antenna (micro-B to micro-B)

PN 112088USB Battery pack pole mount (for Catalyst External USB battery pack 103635-00)

PN 1092192m aluminium antenna rod for Catalyst DA1 antenna

Device mounting

There are a huge range of styles and sizes of smartphone and tablets that you can use with Trimble Catalyst. Contact your device vendor for mounting and carrying options that are compatible with your device. For range pole mounting, Trimble recommends the modular X-grip series of rugged device mounts available from RAM Mount. Contact your nearest Trimble Distributor for their recommendations and suggestions available in your region.

Third party and Trimble accessories

Depending on your application and Trimble Catalyst subscription, you will have different needs for how you mount or carry your phone, tablet, and Catalyst antenna. There are many options on how to do this from third party suppliers, including RAM Mount, SECO surveying equipment, and online vendors such as Amazon. Contact your nearest Trimble Distributor for their recommendations and suggestions available in your region.

Trimble Catalyst can run on compatible Android phones and tablets but due to the processing requirements may not work on older model devices. We have provided some guidelines below to help you understand if your device will meet the minimum hardware specifications.

Minimum hardware specifications:

Operating System version: Android 5.0 or higher

RAM: 1.4 GB or more

CPU: Minimum 64-bit with Clock-speed 1.4 GHz or faster

Cores: 4 or more

USB Type-C Adapters

Trimble Catalyst connects to the DA1 antenna through the USB port on your phone or tablet. In order to power the antenna from your device's battery, your device needs to support "USB-OTG". If your device does not support USB-OTG, you can still connect and use Trimble Catalyst by powering the DA1 with the external battery pack supplied with your antenna.

Android devices with a USB Type-C connector require a USB-C adapter to operate with Trimble Catalyst. Trimble recommends the Huawei AP52 Micro USB to USB Type-C Adapter (PN AP52-W-BK).

Compatible devices:

To check if your device is compatible, download the Trimble Mobile Manager app from the Google Play store. The Trimble Mobile Manager app will check your device's performance capabilities against Trimble Catalyst requirements.

For a list of devices that have been tested with Trimble Catalyst, view our tested devices list.


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