Catalyst Enabled Apps

Catalyst Ready Apps from Trimble and our Partners

These apps integrate directly with Catalyst using our SDK, unlocking more features and adding greater value and functionality to field workflows with Catalyst technology. Thes apps use the free Trimble Mobile Manager app to manage the Catalyst subscription to initiate connection to the Catalyst softGNSS engine, but depending on the level of integration receiver settings and setup can be customized. The apps are easily configured to use positions from Trimble Catalyst instead of the phone's on-board GPS. We welcome other partners interested in integrating your apps with Trimble Catalyst. Download our SDK and start developing today!

3rd Party Location-enabled Apps

Trimble Catalyst can provide high accuracy positioning for most 'general' Android location-enabled apps too. Use the free Trimble Mobile Manager app to handle your Catalyst subscription and manage a connection to the Catalyst softGNSS engine. Then, simply configure your device to use the high accuracy positions from Trimble Catalyst instead of those from your phone's on-board GPS. Here is a list of some interesting location-enabled apps available on the Play store that you can use with Trimble Catalyst right now. We welcome partners, developers and customers to contact us about apps that work well with Trimble Catalyst. If you have questions about the features of any of the apps featured on this page, contact the app vendor.


Got Questions?

We've got answers. Check out our FAQ page for the answers to all your burning questions. (Related to Catalyst, anyway)


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