Get closer. But only when you want to.

Yesterday your phone could tell you where you were within a few meters. Today, with Trimble Catalyst, your phone can tell you where you are within just a few centimeters.

Catalyst features a powerful antenna that plugs directly into your Android phone or tablet's USB port. Once it's linked to cloud services from the Trimble Connect platform, you can sync and share your position and the things you map.

And, since Catalyst's revolutionary technology features a software GNSS receiver, you only use it when you need it.

So get ready to get insanely close to your world. Whenever, wherever, you want to.


We made a receiver out of software. Seriously.

To build Catalyst, we took Trimble's core GNSS technology that runs on a dedicated hardware chip and transformed it into a software service that can literally run inside an app on your phone.

How cool is that?

We'll answer. It's really cool. Because that means the little blue dot on your phone just got a whole lot smaller and more accurate.

Your navigation app used to tell you what side of the street you were on. Now, depending on how you're using Catalyst, it can tell you which side of the sidewalk.


The digital antenna? It's like a super space-age antenna.

The satellites used in GPS and all GNSS constellations are a gazillion miles away. Okay, so it's more like 12,000 miles. But that's still pretty far out there.

The point is, to get centimeter accuracy on your phone, those tiny radio waves that travel all the way from outer space to your phone have to be captured with a higher quality than the internal antenna in your phone can provide. All while you're moving around, doing things with that phone.

That's why we developed the DA1 digital antenna for Catalyst. It offers incredibly reliable reception of those satellite signals, so you get an incredibly precise position on your screen.

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