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Manage Your Catalyst Subscription

Here you will find all of the information that you need to manage licenses for Trimble Catalyst, and to get your or your field team's Catalyst subscription up and running, quickly and easily.

Applies to: Trimble Subscription Manager, Trimble Catalyst
Last Published: 24 August 2018

Purchase a subscription

Purchase new Trimble® Catalyst subscriptions from your nearest Trimble Catalyst distributor. Your distributor will also be able to extend or cancel an existing subscription, and supply you with Trimble Catalyst accessories.

When you purchase a new subscription, you will receive a Welcome email, inviting you to activate and manage your subscription in the Subscription Manager. The email is sent to the email address you provide to your distributor when you purchase the subscription.


Access the Subscription Manager

Whether you are an individual user, or you are managing a team of users, you will manage and administer your account with the Subscription Manager. Use the Subscription Manager to manage who has access to use Trimble subscription based apps and services.

Note: The email address used to purchase your subscription is designated as the administrator for your subscription. Only administrators can manage subscriptions (including assigning and removing users).

  1. Visit Trimble Subscription Manager by clicking Activate my subscription in the email you received from Trimble, or visit the Subscription Manager web page directly.
  2. Sign in to Trimble Subscription Manager with your email address. If you have not used your email address to create a Trimble Identity (TID), you will be prompted to set a password for your account.


Manage Catalyst Subscriptions

Trimble Subscription Manager allows you to view all current licenses you own for the products you have purchased. Each subscription-based product you have licences for is displayed in its own group. For Trimble Catalyst licences, the Subscription Manager shows the assigned user, the Catalyst service type, and the duration of each license (or the expiry date if the subscription is already Activated).


Assign Catalyst licenses to your users

You must assign each user to individual licences within a Catalyst subscription block to access and use paid levels of the Trimble Catalyst service. Users who have not been assigned a subscription license will only be able to use Trimble Catalyst in Freemium mode.

Assign a license to new field user

  1. Identify the subscription block that you want to assign a user to. In the subscription block, click . The Assign New User dialog box displays. Fill in the new user's details, then press Assign.
  2. Repeat for each user that you want to assign a license to.

Assign a license to an existing field user

Any previous users that you have entered into the Subscription Manager tool are remembered. To assign a license to a user that already exists in the tool: Select the user that you want to assign a license to, or if the user is a new user enter the First name, Last name, and Email address of the new user, and click ASSIGN.

  1. Identify the subscription block that you want to assign a user to. In the subscription block, click the drop-down menu Assign existing user.
  2. An inline list of all existing users will appear. You can either choose a name from the list, or begin typing the email address of the user you want to assign the license to, to filter the list view to display a smaller subset of your existing users.
  3. Repeat for each existing user that you want to assign a license to.

Note: By default, account administrators are assigned the first license in each new subscription block. To assign this license to a different user, follow the instructions for Reassigning a license.


Revoke a user's license

You can choose to revoke a user's license at any time. The assigned license then becomes available to be reassigned to another user again.

  1. Find the subscription block with the user that you want to revoke, and click to revoke the license from the chosen user.
  2. Click REVOKE. The license is now revoked and is available to be reassigned to a different user.


Reassign a license

You can reassign a license to another user with this two-step process:

  1. Revoke a user's license
  2. Assign a license to another user
  1. Revoke a user's license
  2. Assign a license to another user


Activate a subscription block

When you activate the subscription, Trimble sets the start and end date of the entire subscription block, and sends a welcome message to any users assigned a license to use that product. The email contains instructions on how to get started.

A license block is a a group of licences for a subscription product purchased at the same time. A license block can consist of different license types, and can contain one or more users. Each license in a license block has the same duration and the same start and expiry date.

Any users who are assigned (or re-assigned) to the subscription after the subscription is activated will be sent the Welcome email as soon as they are assigned a license.

Note: To avoid wasting days in your monthly subscription, only activate subscription blocks when you are ready to begin using the service. Catalyst users require a compatible Android device, and a Catalyst DA1 antenna to use the service.

  1. To activate your subscription block, click the ACTIVATE button. The subscription manager will highlight all other license rows in the Subscription Block.
  2. Before activating your Catalyst subscription blocks, you must have read and agreed to the Trimble Catalyst terms of use. If the Terms of Use appear, read through the terms, tick I accept terms of use and click the OK button.
  3. Subscription Manager will show one final confirmation dialog, confirming for you that all licenses in the chosen block will be activated at the same time. If you are ready to activate, click ACTIVATE.


Avoid losing Welcome emails to spam filters

If one of your end users does not receive a Welcome invitation, there is a chance that the message was interrupted by a spam filter. To troubleshoot the issue, assign yourself a license to a subscription to check that the email is coming through. If it is lost, ensure that emails being sent from the domain "" are whitelisted by your email administrator.

If you are still having issues, you should either contact your Trimble reseller, contact Trimble Catalyst support, or try the Catalyst Support community. Visit the Catalyst support page to get started.

Remove user licenses

The number of user licenses in a subscription block is committed for the duration of the subscription block period. Therefore, you must maintain the committed number of licenses until your subscription block expiry date.

Add user licenses

The number of user licenses in a subscription block is committed for the duration of the subscription block period. To add additional users to your team, you need to purchase a new subscription block for the Catalyst subscription type, duration, and number of users that you want to add.

Cancel a subscription block

Your subscription can be cancelled at any time. Contact your Trimble Catalyst distributor to cancel your subscription.

Extend a subscription block

Catalyst subscriptions with a fixed duration can be extended at any time. Contact your Trimble Catalyst distributor to extend your subscription. Extending a subscription maintains the same number of user licenses and Catalyst subscription type as when originally purchased.

Catalyst subscription purchased online are good-til-cancelled, and will automatically extend on a monthly basis until cancelled.

For more information

For further information on how to best use and manage your Catalyst subscription check the additional resources in the Catalyst Support page, or look to see if your question has already been answered in the Trimble Catalyst Community.



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